High Street Church

High Street UU Church

A Community Site: HighStreetChurch.org

This is a low-budget site that reaches out to the community. It runs on WordPress.com, which means that it has only the basic functionality provided by their lowest paid plan. The site is maintained by volunteers, so it had to be simple. Our goal was to keep maintenance down to a few minutes per week.


Like most sites with many part-time editors, the site tends to get a bit of a scattered look. The theme helps give big impact by not adding to the chaos, but instead adding some gentle energy. The fonts are simple, the layout is straight forward, and the distractions are kept to a minimum to focus on the content.

A sense of face and place

Although it is often hard to get good photos that work well as banners, we have been able to capture a “sense of face and place” so as to make visitors feel welcome. We also picked inviting and open main menu labels that convey a sense of welcome. The technical aspects of this site were limited to necessary functions, such as organizing the links to the weekly-posted sermon recordings.