A Techie with Heart

People are the focus.

People are the focus.

I am in a wonderful transition time in my life.

My blessings included a wonderful wife, a very creative and energetic son, and a pack-mate named Chakra – she’s an old lady pup about 13 years old.

My father sparked my passion doing genealogical research and coaching with Discover Family and my mother gave me a love for travel and learning.

Currently, I am designing an RV/camper van, to be based on a Ram ProMaster (BTW, I dislike the model name). While I won’t do #VanLife full time as long as my son is still in school, and the van is not completely finished, we have already traveled from Atlanta to San Francisco and to northern Vermont to see the eclipse.

I am available for freelance work with organizations who have missions near and dear to my heart…

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